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Working with IMMIX is different because

we consult AND we execute.

Every plan we create is customized to the client’s business goals. Our approach consists of recommended services within each of our five areas of focus.

The companies that dive in and get to know where their weak points lie, are the ones who understand how to use them for growth.



Today’s business leaders must consider the entire picture (people, processes, technology) in order to be competitive.



of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience

brand experience

Your tech should work for you, not the other way around. 


Finally, a firm that will implement the strategy with you in order to make lifelong customers with the best brands (that's YOU)!



We’ll look under the hood and see what is really working – and what could use some TLC. Don’t make it weird. This is part of the growth process.



Here's the deal,


1 in 10

companies achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

None have achieved this by accident. Strategic Planning is vital for all growing brands. You must understand what value you bring to clients and prospects, how you recruit and retain top talent while keeping them excited about what they do, and how you can maximize your processes and technology in order to remain focused, lean and efficient. Our strategy process helps you identify gaps and opportunities which building a plan that moves you forward.


Brand Experience

 Experience matters.

49% of buyers

have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience.


 Trust and loyalty are built over time yet broken in a matter of seconds.  Experience matters. Regardless of the quality of the experience, every customer has a journey with your brand - whether it be a good one or a bad one. We will identify and create meaningful touch points (we call the "trustpoints") based off of what your customer wants. Using your data intelligently starts with looking at what we know about your current customer base. 


We get to write the script on how people get to interact with your brand and more importantly, what value it can bring to your target market. We create trustpoints because trusted brands are sustainable brands.

Brand Experience


Your tech infrastructure consists of more than just your website. It includes your marketing software, your sales and business development systems, enterprise systems, client & vendor portals, and more. Having the right tools matched with the right processes and the right people keep you ahead of the game and running efficiently.

IMMIX has a unique DXP in house. 
A DXP is a Digital Experience Platform. 

Yeah, we automate your customers experience with your brand. And, we can do it all in one place! It's Automated Marketing, Sales and Enterprise system all in one place. This can be a system to support your in-house marketing department or a resource for agencies to use for their clients. It's scaleable to your needs.

So what can this DXP do for me? Glad you asked! 



This is where the magic happens. We have dissected and strategized, we've mapped customer journeys and matched you with the right tech to implement -- now its time to market your brand, services, and products.

It is all about setting up the ideal opportunities for your business to win; time after time. Let's go!

Whether it is building loyalty programs, creating campaigns, launching new brands, or crisis communications, we become an extension of your team to incorporate the best solution for your company. We work with you to build and develop the best cross-channel interactive experience for your customer base


Let us help you guide your brand to market through our robust marketing infrastructure. 

Our team has a wide array of talent ready to help you grow. 

Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

CXM (Customer Experience Management)

Campaign Builds 


Growth Consulting

Go-To Market Strategy

Marketing Management (yes, you can rent-a-CMO)


Geo // Addressable Geo-Fencing




Email Marketing

SMS Campaigns

Content Creation

Social Media

Crisis Communications

...and more! 


Are you ready to Immix your brand?

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