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Announcing Alabama’s First DXP Technology Firm

Alabama’s first full-service DXP (Digital Experience Platform) marketing firm officially launched today. Founded by Susan Shaw, a local marketing and business consulting expert with a robust history of helping companies grow, IMMIX Strategic is redefining the customer:brand experience for businesses nationwide by implementing fully automated and intelligent marketing services based upon big data and analytics.

“IMMIX Strategic takes a holistic look at the customer’s experience (CX), individually serving each brand we serve, we enable our clients to make intelligent and meaningful connections with their most valuable asset; their clientele. We want to be your strategic marketing technology partner, whether you have 5 clients or 500,000 clients, and our passion is to make your brand top of mind.” said Shaw.

From the Latin “immixtus”, the word immix (“ih-miks”), means “to mix; to co-mingle; to bring together” and the IMMIX Strategic team believes that it is imperative for brands to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. The IMMIX team operates by placing the consumer first resulting in a more successful and sustainable brand. The DXP technology allows brands to create highly personalized, customized messaging, derived from business data, resulting in a loyal customer base engaged with relevant messaging based on what the customer wants.

IMMIX DXP is a data-driven multi-channel digital experience platform that launches email campaigns, SMS text messaging, direct mail, social media posts, variable data placement, personalized landing pages, surveys, and more. Ultimately, IMMIX Strategic helps brands cut through the noise and have a true dialog with their audience. “I’m excited and passionate about engaging with businesses to share IMMIX Strategic’s technology and show how it can be leveraged to help them grow their current customer base and reach an expanded target audience” Shaw said.


IMMIX Strategic elevates brands through data-driven communication. IMMIX Strategic is a marketing partner backed by exclusive technology that enhances and defines the customer:brand experience. Through the IMMIX DXP (Digital Experience Platform) and their five core areas of focus (evaluation, strategy, brand experience, technology, and marketing), IMMIX Strategic revolutionizes the way companies connect to their target markets. For more details and to IMMIX your brand, visit or contact the team at

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