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made simple.


A Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

is a fully integrated platform for your customer experience. IMMIX DXP can launch multiple campaigns across all channels while using variable data to personalize every step of your customers journey with your brand.

We use data to revolutionize how you track and communicate with your target market across multiple channels allowing you to have a conversation with your prospects rather than shouting your message.

Advanced Database Segmentation

Personalized Customer Journey

Customized Automation

Actual Campaign

ROI Tracking

Fully Integrated Campaigns

Real-time Results in One Place

Multi-channel campaigns.

One place.

Real ROI.

IMMIX DXP can launch and manage

emails, SMS text messaging, direct mail, auto calls, social media posts, variable data placement, personalized landing pages, surveys, landing pages and more.

The IMMIX DXP allows you to see how effective your efforts are in real time – in one place! This gives you a more holistic picture of your audience, target market, and current Client's needs.



IMMIX DXP helps optimize your new lead generation. It allows highly personalized/customized messaging, and insights that actually help you turn those leads into loyal customers over time.

Ready to immix your brand?

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