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The very best - it's what your clients deserve.

​Immix in Latin means “to mix; to co-mingle; to bring together”. To us, in order to immix well, we must build strong, long-lasting relationships. Allow us help IMMIX your brand with those who need you.

IMMIX Strategic is a marketing partner backed by exclusive technology that will enhance and define your customer:brand experience. We build relevant and personalized communications for your current and future customers. Our full-service DXP (Digital Experience Platform) will allow you to grasp a more holistic picture of your data while guiding the customer’s journey with your brand. With our highly personalized approach, we’ll help you cut through the noise and equip you to deliver a customized & exceptional experience, resulting in brand loyalty and repeat engagement. Let's Immix your brand today! 

What we're about


We're a good time...

your brand should be fun too!

Pave your way to success and let's have some fun doing it.


We are built for growth and connection.

We love the good idea fairy – she’s a good lady!


We value relationships. The best relationships have excellent communication. Let’s create conversations between your brand and your customers!


Make sound decisions that will outlast you and lead to the growth of both you and the company. Team-mentality is vital to what we do. The will to win - and win well - is in our blood. 


Building trust among people takes time, effort and a will to understand. The people –and brands – that truly aim to understand the needs of others are the ones who thrive.


Do the right thing -- even when its hard. We are committed to leaving every situation better than we found it. It's part of being a good human. That's our job. 

Our Story

Meet Our founder

The idea for IMMIX Strategic really came while I was living in Kansas City, where I grew up. I love being able to help people in big ways. Years of helping one company succeed at a time really brought me to a point where I needed to be able to do more - to IMMIX more. 

A similar concept came to me during the COVID-19 Pandemic where so many unprepared brands were forced to "go digital" so fast. We needed a technology that could bring brands together with their target markets; connecting people in real ways. Something for brands to be able to create points of trust with their customers, with their prospects. We needed a DXP... a Digital Experience Platform. We needed a company devoted to celebrating and connecting great brands. 

As a life-long team sport athlete, the youngest of four sisters, and a single (sole-providing) parent, I know the value that a team or community can bring when everyone is able to bring their talents and gifts to the table for a common goal. IMMIX brings people together. Yes, we are a strategic marketing technology company (say that 10x fast!) and we have a heart for helping others grow. 

We look forward to working with your team. 


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Susan L. Shaw

President + CEO,

IMMIX Strategic, Inc.